Thames Valley Business Squash League

Minutes for AGM 2003/2004



Meeting held at: Reading Civil Service

Wednesday, 17 August 2003, 7:00pm


Present: Darren Ryden, Frank Blundell, Ian Taylor, Nicola Tipping, Simon Long, Tim James, Paul Brady, Carl Beetham, Martin Newland, Paul Brown, Steve Ryles, Darren Price, Allan Hunt, Mike Stewart, Elisabeth Crossman, John Rayner, Neil Butcher, Mary Young, Kevin Milsom, Steve Harrison


Agenda Items:


  1. Acceptance of minutes of last meeting

Minutes were accepted as accurate


  1. Results of 2002/2003 season & Trophy Presentations

Trophies were presented to:

Division 1 Fujitsu A (3M A runners up)
Division 2 Connections Recruitment
Division 3 Nokia
Division 4 Vodafone B


(Cable & Wireless still have the Division 5 trophy)


  1. Results of 2003 team tournament


The team tournament was seen to be a good idea, and there was support to run a similar competition next year, however it was suggested that the date should be brought forward to the end of April.


  1. Presentation of accounts

Accounts were accepted as accurate


  1. 2003/2004 league layout
    Unfortunately the following teams have pulled out this year
    Notel B
    HP B
    Met Office

    Cable & Wireless
    There are the following new teams:
    Vodafone C


The following changes were made to the proposed league layout
Masterfoods moved from Div 1 to Div 2

Vodafone replaced Masterfoods in Div 1 from Div2

See the web site for the new league layouts.


  1. New rule changes

The following rule will be added:


If a team wishes to cancel or re-arrange a match they should give the opposition at least 5 days notice. Failure to do this will entitle the opposing team to claim a 20-0 walkover. If an away team requests that a match be re-arranged within the 5 day period, and the home team is willing to do so, the visiting team should cover any additional costs incurred. (e.g. if the home team would end up having to pay for 2 sets of courts.)


Rule 5c will be modified to not specify a limit to the number of matches a particular player may play.


All other rules changes that were proposed were not passed.


  1. Election of new committee members


The following new members of the committee were elected:

Frank Blundell

Mary Young

Nicola Tipping


  1. Food

The food was considered to be a good idea, and we will try to organise something similar for next year.